The Swan School of Tai Chi and Chi Gung


Judith has been studying Tai Chi and Chi Gung since 2002 under the guidance of Debbie Wild of the Swan School of Tai Chi and Chi Gung in Stratford-upon-Avon. Since 2003 Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (19th Generation inheritor of Chen Style) and Master Chen Yin-Jun have also taught her on their annual visits to the UK.


Judith has undertaken advanced instructor training with the Chinese Internal Arts Association in Berkshire under the tutelage of Eva and Karel Koskuba in Therapeutic Chi Gung. Judith is qualified and insured to teach, and is a member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Judith is a well-qualified and experienced tutor having worked in Schools, Further and Higher Education since 1994.


Judith has taught a variety of people, groups and organisations including Age Concern, MIND, Parkinson's Society, the Stroke Association and Stratford Grammar School.


Judith works for local and national businesses in combining Tai Chi with other forms of relaxation for Tai Chi Chi Gung in the Workplace, thereby reducing workplace stress.

Judith also enjoys teaching in the open air and in July 2009 she taught the highest class in the UK on top of Ben Nevis - although she has no plans to teach there again in the near future! She is happy teaching Tai Chi and Chi Gung as part of adventure or team building courses.


Judith and Co practicing tai chi at the peak of Ben Nevis




Judith is a forerunner in the development of Tai Chi Chi Gung for pregnancy in the UK, running classes specifically for pregnant woman to help support them during labour and childbirth.The classes focus on balance and co-ordination, stretching and opening, and focusing the internal Qi energies of the body; addressing issues of sleep and digestion, posture, breathing and relaxation.


Judith worked as an Antenatal Teacher for the National Childbirth Trust twelve years and uses those skills to enhance her speacialist teaching of pregnant women Tai Chi Chi-Gung for labour and childbirth.


As part of Judith’s continual professional development she attends lectures, seminars and practical workshops to help define her skills in Tai Chi and Chi-Gung.


At present Judith is having fun learning the Double Broad Sword parts 1 - 4, having completed the Chen Style 74 move Laojia (old frame), Chen Fan (short and long form) and the Single Sabre - she is planning on learning the double fan next.


Judith gave a recent talk to members of Broom Women's Institute. The following is an excerpt from a report in the "Stratford -Upon-Avon Herald" newspaper: "The speaker, Judith Layhe-Cook, held members spellbound with her enthusiastic knowledge and demonstration of the use of the fan during Tai Chi movements. She is such a passionate and inspiring person and this became apparent by the way she managed to get all of the audience participating and performing tai chi steps using the fans. Although there was a lot of giggling and fear people were not doing it correctly as it is quite difficult to get the fans to make the movements look graceful as well as giving a resounding noise with the fan at certain times, most got the swing of it by the end of the evening, albeit not as graceful as Judith."



Judith training with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang in May 2009, click to enlarge:




Judith would be happy to talk to you if you have any questions on 07775658557, which carries a messaging service. Or you can email