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Debbie Wild

Personal Profile

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I began learning Tai Chi in the mid 1990s with Egberth Thomas, in the Netherlands. Egberth said five words to me: "Debbie, you should teach this" which torchlit my teaching career.


When I relocated to Stratford-on-Avon in 2001 there were many swans on the river Avon and the constellation of Cygnus in the sky: it appeared I was being guided to set up the ‘Swan’ School of Tai Chi and Qigong.

I completed advanced instructor training courses in Chen style tai chi, and Qigong with Eva and Karel Koskuba of the Chinese Internal Arts Association (CIAA) in Berkshire. I trained with Grand Master Chen Xiao-Wang and Master Chen Yin-Jun for Chen Style Tai Chi on their former visits to the UK.

I hold professional membership of the CIAA, the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, and Advanced Instructor level membership of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

In the mid 2000s I welcomed my former students Judith and Paul as fully fledged instructors into Swan, strengthening our position as one of the main tai chi and qigong providers in South Warwickshire.

Alongside my experience of teaching tai chi and qigong full time, I also teach tai chi weapons – Chen Style Single and Double Broadswords, Chen Style Single and Double Fan.

I have previously held workshops in many local schools and associations for younger people, taught weekly classes for Age UK, given talks and demonstrations to organisations and groups, several series of lessons for local businesses.

I have provided tai chi at various local and national music festivals and well-being festivals, and also appeared on radio interviews for Coventry and Warwickshire radio. I featured very briefly on BBC 2s “Battle of the Orchestras” providing tai chi on location for the final two competitors.

During 2020 I expanded into online zoom classes, creating a support community to help through the pandemic.


I am particularly enthusiastic about my current outside classes held at several beautiful and scenic locations in South Warwickshire. Tai chi and qigong are living fluid movements, and performing them outside amongst nature is sublime…

Because tai chi has been the main focus of my working life I feel very passionate about tai chi itself, and the sharing of it with others –what tai chi continues to bring, and the variety of ways we can nurture to bring it to its highest ultimate integration into the daily life and health of everyone.


I am available to teach groups, schools, businesses or individuals.
Contact me on 07773 318830 or email

For more information on my other ventures, please see:  - Ecstatic Awakening Dance workshops - Past Life Regression Journeys

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