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Our tutors


Our instructors hold professional membership of the Chinese Internal Arts Association, the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, and instructor level membership of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

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Debbie Wild

Nothing can quite meet the unique blend of benefits that tai chi and qigong exercise can give us. it's the small movements contained within it that are important, the whole body gets a complete workout.


During 2020 the world changed - lots of people had a wake up call, and many are changing their lifestyles to something calmer, something simpler and easier on the soul. Tai chi is a perfect fit for that unwinding 'me time' and if you combine that, with more time spent outdoors amongst nature that many of us are craving nowadays, then you have the perfect body-mind-soul combination.

Over the years I've taught tai chi to many hundreds of people, yet  amongst our current classes there are people still with me from my very first classes begun 20 years ago. Tai chi's like that, if it works for you, you'll recognise it, it makes you feel so much fitter and calmer, it quickly gets under your skin and becomes an indispensible part of your life, a way of life even.


I'm fully qualified and insured, ready to welcome you into a class.


For more information on myself and my bio, please click here

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Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper has been teaching with the Swan School of Tai Chi and Qigong since February 2008.

In 2002 looking for a mental and physical break from his job. Paul started studying Chen style Tai Chi at Stratford-upon-Avon College under the guidance of Debbie Wild of the Swan School of Tai Chi and Qigong. 


The following Year he has also began receiving additional training from Grand Master Chen Xiaowang and members of his family during regular visits to the UK together.


Paul became increasingly interested in the internal energies (Qi) and martial aspects of Tai Chi, and in 2008 with encouragement from Debbie, completed the Advanced Instructors training in Chen style Tai Chi with the Chinese Internal Arts Association in Berkshire.


As part of his ongoing continual development he attends lectures, seminars and workshops to study the practical and theoretical principals of Tai Chi as a martial discipline and an art form.

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